The Musée Du Louvre In Paris Celebrates The Work Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Musée Du Louvre In Paris Celebrates The Work Of Leonardo Da Vinci

The Musée du Louvre in Paris has opened a new exhibition celebrating the life and work of Leonardo da Vinci, who died in Amboise, France, 500 years ago. As well as displaying paintings, drawings, manuscripts, sculptures, and extra, the retrospective will play host to the museum’s first virtual reality expertise, which brings the story of the Mona Lisa to life.

On the occasion of the Leonardo da Vinci’s exhibition for the first time, the Musée du Louvre is delighted to current a virtual reality experience, in partnership with HTC Vive Arts,” said the museum’s Dominique de Font-Réaulx. “The general public will be able to uncover immersive expertise with a rare masterpiece. This collaboration will enable visitors to meet and study extra concerning the Mona Lisa herself, beyond the myths and legends that have surrounded by her for over 500 years.”

The famous portray itself was considered by greater than 10 million folks in 2018. However, guests to the Louvre can only get so shut because it’s protected in a unique glass and metal case, and you can’t spend all day gazing at that enigmatic smile. Mona Lisa: Past the Glass has been developed in partnership with HTC Vive Arts and Emissive VR, and provides exhibition guests the possibility to view da Vinci’s most well-known masterpiece in a very new approach.

For one factor, donning an HTC Vive headset will take away the crowds that usually encompass the portray. The VR experience additionally reveals particulars within the work that are hidden to the bare eye, allows viewers to discover the techniques employed by the artist, and get to know extra about the one that posed for the portray, Lisa del Giocondo, and even see her moving around.

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