Streaming Non-Interactive Video Content Material To VR And AR Devices Opens The Door To 5G

Streaming Non-Interactive Video Content Material To VR And AR Devices Opens The Door To 5G

In terms of streaming non-interactive 360 or 180 video content material to VR and AR devices, one primary false impression is that 5G’s low latency will likely be an enormous profit. In truth, the opposite is more likely to be true it’s 5G’s high bandwidth which opens the door to considerably improved quality which would not only enhance the immersive video expertise immediately but also, provide a pathway for additional growth as VR and AR show to develop into the increased decision.

The explanation latency hardly issues for non-interactive streaming video content material is that head tracking on VR and AR headsets is just not coupled to the streaming latency. In the most incarnations of 180 and 360 immersive streaming technology, the visual adjustments from the motion of the person’s head are processed locally on the machine at a high rate, slightly than sending the movement to some distant server and ready to receive an up to date frame which corrects for head motion.

The truth is, on right now are VR headsets you might be in the midst of watching a 360 video after which utterly lose connection, and the one effect can be that the video would freeze—moving your head would nonetheless reply merely fantastic as a result of the scene’s motion with regard to your head is processed correctly on the gadget.

There’s some nuance to this: some extra sophisticated VR and AR streaming uses ‘view-dependent’ technology, which optimizes the quality of the footage specifically within the space that you’re trying (to reduce the bandwidth bottleneck). Excessive latency, in this case, might mean that if you flip your head quickly to a brand new a part of the scene, you may discover that the video isn’t as sharp till the higher-high-quality part of the footage pops into view.

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