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An Emergency Responders Can Cut The Costs By Using Real-Time Satellite Data

An Emergency Responders Can Cut The Costs By Using Real Time Satellite Data

In line with a new examine, emergency responders may cut prices and save time through the use of close to-actual-time satellite knowledge together with different choice-making tools after a flooding disaster.

Within the first NASA examine to calculate the worth of utilizing satellite information in catastrophe situations, researchers at NASA’s Goddard Area Flight Heart in Greenbelt, Maryland, calculated the time that might have been saved if ambulance drivers and different emergency responders had close to-actual-time details about flooded roads, utilizing the 2011 Southeast Asian floods as a case examine. Ready access to this info may have saved a mean of nine minutes per emergency response and potentially thousands of dollars, they stated.

The examine is a primary step in creating a model to deploy in future disasters, based on the researchers. In 2011, monsoon rains and La Niña circumstances throughout Southeast Asia’s Mekong River basin inundated and destroyed millions of acres of crops by displacing millions of individuals and killing hundreds. NASA Goddard’s Perry Oddo and John Bolten investigated how entry to near-actual-time satellite data could have helped within the aftermath of the floods, specializing in the area surrounding Bangkok, Thailand.

The Mekong River crosses more than 2,000 miles in Southeast Asia, passing through parts of Vietnam, Laos, Thailand, Cambodia, China, and different countries. The river is an essential supply of food and earnings for the roughly 60 million individuals who live close to it; however, additionally, it is one of the crucial flood-susceptible areas on the planet.

In earlier work, they helped develop an algorithm that estimated floodwater depth from area-primarily based observations, then mixed this knowledge with data on essential infrastructure, population, and land cowl.

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